Monday, January 31, 2011

Teddys Nightclub Fridays

Friday's are off the chain at Teddy's Nightclub w DJ Emir Santana and Kathie J of The KS1075 Morning show. This last Friday had over 700 people partying all night with your baby momma's favorite DJ, DJ Emir.

Make sure you swing through Every Friday at Teddy's Nightclub 4849 Bannock St. inside the Holiday Inn Denver CO. Teddy's is the Friday night headquarters for Denver's Largest Ladies in Free Ladies Night with Denver DJ Extraordinaire DJ Emir on The Turntables and The KS1075 Live remote crew in the building.

Flyer for Teddy's Nightclub Fridays W DJ Emir & KS1075

When I first walked in to set up the turntables at 9pm there were already a good 200 people eating, drinking and hanging out. The juke box was pumping out a few old school funk songs and a few classic rock songs so I decided to keep that Vibe going for a bit when I started playing and made sure to also mix it up with a few more current songs to liven it up a little and not alienate the younger crowd that was starting to pour in.

Then it quickly went to an ultra hot party as tons of sexy ladies started pouring in. By 11pm the place was packed out and the dance floor was already on fire. It was the Manager Chris' Birthday and he had a great time partying with his friends and patrons. He had me shout out a few special birthday party Patron and Jaeger shot specials throughout the night.

There were quite a few requests but I could barely read some of the people's handwriting. As I found out later when I was able to read the list in better lighting it turns out I naturally played most of the requests on my own.

It was easy to tell that everyone was having a  great time as most of them had their hands up for a majority of the night and everyone had a huge smile on their faces. A bunch of familiar faces I hadn't seen in a while showed up to party, probably cause they heard my name on the radio or saw the party listed on my website. Shouts out to Miko for coming through along with a ton of other mixtape fans that have been going to my parties for over a decade.

Kathie J and her girls were a blast to party with and they all seem to have been enjoying theme selves. The crowd responded really well when Kathie got on the mic and yelled are you having a good time as they all together yelled a strong resounding YEAH!

If you missed last Friday's Party make sure you swing through this weekend as it goes down again Every Friday at Teddy's Nightclub with DJ Emir laying down the juiciest cuts for your partying pleasure.

To book DJ Emir for your nightclub or event call 1-303-995-0875


  1. You killed it at Teddy's last Friday, I had the best time ever, good job! I'll see you again this Friday for sure.

  2. I'm telling my friends this is the spot to be at on Fridays, cause you're there.