Since their inception mixtapes have always been an extrememly popular way to listen to music and find new music artists. Afterall, what better way to listen to a compilation of music then to have a DJ turn it into a party for you. The original mixtapes were mixed and included party remixes made by the DJs this meant each mixtape had something you could not get anywhere else. At www.djemir.com we believe in sticking to this formula to keep our mixtapes hot and original.

DJ Emir Mixtapes:

DJ Emir Mixtapes are unique in that they are a combination of nightclub style mixes, mixtape exclusives and specific DJ Blends and remixes all themed to create mixtapes that are memorable and worthy of repeated play. Many of DJ Emir Mixtape Fans are zealots that love listening to his mixtapes and are always on the lookout for DJ Emir's New Mixtape Releases and Mixtape Release Parties.

Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute CD
Badder Than Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape
80 Minute Mixtape of Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits, Exclusive Remixes, Collaborations and Songs Inspired By Michael Jackson Mixed Party Mix style by one of the worlds Best Mixtape DJs Get this amazing mixtape at www.djemir.com/michael-jackson-mixtape-tribute.html

Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute CD Cover Design Front

Michael Jackson Mixtape Tribute CD Cover Design Back

18K Gold Dancehall Reggae Mixtape CD

80 minute Dancehall Reggae Mixtape
64 tracks of the hottest Dancehall Reggae Music and Reggae Remixes Mixed by International Nightclub and mixtape DJ, DJ Emir Santana. Get it at www.djemir.com/mixtapes18kdancehallmixtape.html

18K Dancehall Reggae Mixtape CD Cover Design

The Batman Mixtape

80 Minute Batman Themed Mixtape
49 tracks of the hotest Hip Hop, Reggae and Dance Music tracks on a Batman themed  mixtape CD
Get your copy of this ultra hot mixtape at www.djemir.com/batman-mixtape.html

Batman Mixtape Cover Design Front

Batman Mixtape Cover Design Back

The Gold Member Mixtape

80 Minute Austin Powers Gold Member Themed Hip Hop & Reggae Mixtape
43 tracks of the hottest Hip Hop, Reggae and Dance Music themed to Goldmember. Get the Goldmember mixtape at www.djemir.com/goldmember-mixtape.html

DJ Emir Gold Member Mixtape Cover Front

DJ Emir Gold Member Mixtape Cover Back

The Iron Man Mixtape

80 Minute Ironman Themed Mixtape
Named the Hardest Mixtape in LA by Los ASngeles Promoter J of J's VIP List
62 Tracks of the Hottest Hip Hop, Reggae and Mashup remixes. Mixed by World Class Nightclub DJ and mixtape DJ, DJ Emir. Get this hot exclusive mixtape at www.djemir.com/ironman-mixtape.html

Iron Man Mixtape CD Cover Design Front

Iron Man Mixtape CD Cover Design Back

The Transformers Mixtape

80 Minute Transformers Themed Mixtape
Winner of several mixtape awards including mixtape of the year. Get this exclusive 62 track Transformers themed mixtape CD at www.djemir.com/transformers-mixtape.html

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape CD Cover Design Front

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape CD Cover Design Back