Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mixtape Fans

More DJ Emir Mixtape Fans From Various Nightclub Parties in Denver and Around The World
Here are a few more pictures of Mixtape Fans that love DJ Emir Mixtapes.

Why do so many people love these mixtapes? Because they are real mixtapes. What does the concept of real mixtapes mean? Real mixtapes contain DJ Mixes, creativity, remixes, blends, cuts and scratches, tons of great music and a virtual party on every mixtape. That is why people love DJ Emir Mixtapes, because that is exactly what people find when they stumble upon DJ Emir mixtapes. Real mixtapes, mixed by a world class nightclub and mixtape DJ, DJ Emir Santana.

Mixtape Fan Justina w DJ Emir at Lavish Lounge Denver CO

DJ Drama and DJ Emir at 303 Nightclub Denver Colorado Drama holding up DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape

Montage of DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape Fans

More DJ Emir IronMan Mixtape Fans
Check out the DJ Emir Ironman Mixtape Gold Member Mixtape and Michael Jackson Mixtape at and Be on the look out for new mixtapes coming soon.

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