DJ Emir Santana

DJ Emir Santana is a world class nightclub and mixtape DJ from the United States. DJ Emir was Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City and currently living in Denver Colorado. Emir travels the world deejaying at some of the best nightclubs and events in the world with an aggressive energetic DJ style that takes every audience by storm. His website reaches over 50,000 unique visitors every month and has mixtape fans in every city and every continent in the world.

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"One of the worlds best nightclub and mixtape DJs, DJ Emir knows the turntables, and uses them with the precision of a surgeon. He knows music and knows how to re-create it, redefine it, and bring it to life. His innovative techniques, ideologies and charismatic mixes distinguish him from his peers, setting him a cut and a scratch above. But most of all, DJ Emir knows people and knows how to move them. He exists to entertain and makes sure nightclub dance-floors are revitalized. For Emir is not just a DJ, but a Performer as well.

DJ Emir’s Mixtape & Nightclub Mixes have created followings around the world. With enthusiastic fans in the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico, Prague, Spain, Australia, China, Russia and many other countries. His mixes transcend age, race, gender and genre to move people at their most primordial level...
DJ Emir Moves The Soul." (written about DJ Emir Santana in "Crates" Magazine)

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DJ Emir Santana Denver's World class Mixtape Producer and DJ Photoshoot New York City

DJ Emir has played in major nightclubs and cities all across the United States and around the world including Clubs and events in Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Grenada W.I, Mexico, New York, Chicago, Scottsdale AZ, Phoenix AZ, China, Dubai and many more

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