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Iron Man Mixtape

Iron Man Mixtape

If you haven't already picked up a copy of the Iron Man Mixtape you have been missing out, Get your copy today at this mixtape has been named "The Official hardest Mixtape In Los Angeles" and remains a favorite amongst many mixtape fans.

Iron Man Mixtape Cover Design

The Iron Man Mixtape is also one of my own personal favorite mixtapes. Partially cause the mixtape just goes hard from start to finish and partially cause my buddy Roger made me step up to a challenge to create another hard mixtape intro like the one I made on the Star Wars Mixtape.

One of my favorite nightclub promoters Roger Keeler AKA "Big Rog" aka "Hollywood Rog" once told me he was partial to my Star wars Mixtape because of the intro and the song choices. he said "I love all your mixtapes, they've all been really good with the music choices and the mixing, but I have to say to this day my favorite is still your Volume 6 the Star wars Mixtape. Just the way you started it off and some of the mixes on there are pure classic. Then he drove the point home with "To this day you still haven't topped off the intro you did on volume 6 your Star Wars Mixtape" (I Took those words to heart when I decided to try and top that intro off this time around)

(FYI: his new favorite mixtape is now the Michael Jackson Mixtape)

When Roger reminded me that he really liked the intro on that particular mixtape one more time and then added "you really should create another mixtape intro like that" I decided to try and top off that intro in the creation of my New Iron Man Mixtape. I looked through my Vinyl collection and found a few great lines from Ludacris and KRS One to get things going. The Mixtape Intro I came up with on the Iron Man Mixtape actually starts off with Tony Stark himself saying "Is it better to be feared or respected? I Say why can't you have both?" followed by Ludacris and KRS One mini word juggles to create a DJ Diss Intro worthy of possibly replacing Roger's favorite mixtape intro.

I had a big event coming up at the time I was creating the Iron man Mixtape in Arizona with Keak the Sneak (Right Hand Man to E40) Big Rosh, and a few others and I was adament I would finish this mixtape in time for the event so I knocked out the mixtape as quickly as possible. This was a daunting task considering I had to try and weave in parts of the Iron man Movie into the mixtape without taking away from the flow of the mixes all within a weeks time) They did it big for this show too, huge sound and light package bands, Hip Hop Groups and of Course DJ Emir. They also had a buffet with choice of Fillet Mignon or Salmon and they had the Snackets a group of Back up dancers for the party and for one of the bands. The snackets were dressed in Christmas outfits cause it was going to be sent to the troops around Christmas as the whole event was being filmed to be sent the Troops in the Middle East.

I finished the mixtape and had it mastered for duplication within the week. The Covers did not return from printing in time for the event in Arizona so I had to take a few Iron Man Mixtapes with me that had home printed mixtape covers. To make up for this I also brought along a bunch of Transformers Mixtapes with the professionally printed UV Coated mixtape covers.

It was during this trip that I heard the distinct difference between the Transformers Mixtape and the Iron Man Mixtape. I gave a copy of both mixtapes to the Limo Driver that picked me up at the airport he popped in the Transformers mixtape and after listening to the Iron Man mixtape over the course of the week the Transformers Mixtape sounded much slower paced. I Immediately realized just how much harder the Iron Man mixtape was and I became excited. It was almost like an out of body experience, cause I could not tell if I had possibly topped my previous mixtape until that very moment.

By the time the two day event had concluded I had handed out all the copies of the mixtape that I brought with me. I already was receiveing good feedback from several of the attendees, guests and performers and I myself finally had a chance to really listen to the final version of the mixtape on the plane ride over to Arizona. So after the limosine dropped me off at Tucson International Airport I flew back home to Denver extremely excited about this new mixtape. The New Mixtape Covers had arrived in Denver before I did so I picked them up on the way home from the Airport. One of the first things I did when I arrived back home was send a copy to a few blogs a few magazines.  I even sent a huge batch of mixtapes to one of my promoter buddies, Joloni of J's VIP list Los Angeles.

Just a few weeks later I got a phone call from Joloni telling me...

"Did you know you are pretty well known out here in Los Angeles? I gave your mixtape out to everyone a few of the DJs knew you by name and told me they really like your mixtapes. I told em yeah that's my boy we go way back and he said 'I love Emir's mixtapes I really was feeling his transformers mixtape' This is coming from DJ 5 Star, he's one of the cats out here that DJs all the time, so I gotta tell you you are doing something right if they are telling me these things"

then he laid it out by saying "I passed out all 100 mixtapes you sent me and everyone is really feeling your Iron man Mixtape, they all said it was hard! Congratulations, you now officially have the Hardest Mixtape In Los Angeles!"

As expected from a project that I myself got excited about, many people soon came on board. Several websites, blogs and magazines took a quick shine to the Iron Man Mixtape as well including the following mixtape review from Rap Mullet:
DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape Review Article By
 Iron Man Mixtape Review from  
"Welcome DJ Emir to the Rapmullet review section. His catch phrase is "Real DJs Do Real Things" so I'm expecting some skill and some mixing. Check out his website: when you get a chance. Def a quality home base for a quality DJ, cats need to take notes on the business side of things.

I haven't heard "Mama Said Knock You Out" in a minute but that "Get Buck" remix was cool as a fan. We used to come out to our basketball games to this song back in the day. Emir was transforming the fuck outta the remix too. That "Tambourine Soul" mix was the shit too. I can def see the club getting amped to this joint; Rakim never sounded fresher. I loved how he went from Wayne Wonders "No Letting Go" into the Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" with that Digable Planets vocal looped in the background and the "Touch It" beat rocking throughout. "Jockin Jay-Z" with Oasis' "Wonderwall" was def potent product and it went into the "50 Cent vs DJ Emir" perfectly as Emir spazzed on the cuts. I don't usually fuck with Rihanna but that mix of "Please Don't Stop The Music" was crazy as cat shit. Can't never go wrong fucking with a classic Mike Jackson either. 

This project is 60 + tracks long, continuous mixing, tons of skill, some quality mash ups (hate that phrase) and overall just a high-energy party type joint. I give Emir credit cause he pulled off the three turntable vibe like a vet and he let the music do the talking so to speak. Meaning it has that vibe of Emir starting out with a few tracks in mind and he lets the music take over while he just mixes and at the end of it all you got 60 tracks. If you're into party joints this is def the mixtape series for you. Shout to Emir for keeping mixtape hope alive, it is appreciated man...thanks. "
View The Iron Man Mixtape Review at:

Which consequently also recieved a few nice feedback comments from a few of my own mixtape fans and one from another blog that also did their own review

DJ Emir Iron Man Mixtape Review Reader Comments
You can find the Iron man Mixtape online at

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