Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mixtapes for Real Mixtape Fans

One of the main things that sets DJ Emir Mixtapes apart from most other mixtapes out there is the way they are mixed. Aggressive yet smooth mixes that make for exciting mixtapes that deliver extreme enjoyment even over the course of time. As one of DJ Emir's mixtape fans puts it "mixtapes that are timeless"

The mixtapes at http://www.djemir.com/ are real mixtapes mixed with a class all their own to keep parties moving heads bopping and road trips fun and friendly.

See what a few Mixtape Fans have said about DJ Emir Mixtapes

"My son plays your Michael Jackson Mixtape all the time, he always says daddy how did he do that, it sounds cool"

"I've handed out all the Iron Man mixtapes you sent me and everyone loves it a few DJs I gave it to say it's the hardest mixtape they've ever received. Congratulations your Iron Man Mixtape is now officially the hardest mixtape in Los Angeles" - Joloni aka J nightclub promoter of J's VIP List LA California

"I was talking to one of Los Angeles' larger DJs, DJ 5 Star about you and he said 'I didn't know you knew DJ Emir, he makes some really great mixtapes' so I hooked him up with your latest mixtape, your kinda famous out here in LA" - J of J's VIP List

"You make mixtapes the way I like them, your definitely an oldschool cat I like that your still keeping it real" - Adam Wasserman, New York, NY

For Hip Hop and Reggae mixtapes plus special mixtapes like the Michael Jackson Mixtape
See some mixtape fan pictures below and find other mixtape fans and more of their reviews on the mixtape fan page of http://www.djemir.com/

Transformers Mixtape Fans

Beautiful Nightclub Mixtape Fan

Transformers Mixtape Fan and Reggae Mixtape Fan

Michael Jackson Mixtape Fans at Kadilac Nightclub

Beautiful Girls and Michael Jackson Mixtape Fans

Michael Jackson Mixtape Fan at Kadilac Nightclub

Michael Jackson Mixtape Fans Bacardi Party Girls

Vinyl Nightclub Gogo Dancer and Michael Jackson Mixtape Fan

Michael Jackson Mixtape Fan at Posh Nightclub

Drunken Master Mixtape fans at DC10 Nightclub

Iron Man Mixtape Fans at Wish Nightclub

Body Painting Model and Mixtape Fan

Iron Man Mixtape Fans and Cute Nightclub Chicks at Wish Nightclub

Iron Man Mixtape Fans  DJ stretch and Friend at Wish Nightclub
Find out what makes our mixtape fans full out fanatics by ordering One of our more popular mixtapes at http://www.djemir.com/. You can listen to a few 10 and 20 minute free samples on the DJ Emir Mixtape Website
main page or on the DJ Mixes page of the website.


  1. You make great mixtapes, I'm a big fan myself.

  2. Your mixtapes are the best. I'm anxiously awaiting the next one.

  3. Currently we have been working on two new project called Certified Mixtapez and MixtapesHipHop Rap . However we are trying to get all the DJs involve with this project.