Sunday, January 16, 2011

Transformers Mixtape

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape: A Mixtape Fan Favorite

One of my own personal favorite mixtapes has always ben the Transformers Mixtape. Partially because of the Transformers movie theme underlying the mixtape and partially because it was a landmark shift in my overall style of mixing. While I personally liked the Iron Man Mixtape even more due in part to the hardness of the intro and because I decided to try and out do the Transformers mixtape in terms of the creativity and aggresiveness, and all my other mixtapes for that matter, I must admit there's something about the Transformers mixtape that makes it, as one mixtape fan so eloquently put it "timeless."

This timeless quality can be attributed to many things. Mostly it's because the songs chosen for the CD were really great songs that have continued to stand the test of time. Some were already classics that had been remixed. Maybe it was the abundance of classics that were remixed for the project or maybe it was the perfect way the movie dialogues were integrated seamlessly into this one, flowing ever smoothly throughout the entire mixtape. Maybe it's the massive music edits and cuts so aggressively mixed that make this mixtape such a classic. Or perhaps it's the strong presence commanded by Optimus Prime's voice that makes the Transformers Mixtape stand out so much. Either way the Transformers mixtape will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my own personal favorites. Apparently this holds true for many of my fans as well. Time and time again I am told that The Transformers Mixtape is one of their own personal favorites. One of the mixtapes many return to time and time again. This undoubtedly is why it actually picked up a few awards with a few smaller magazines, publications and websites and why fan mail (email and standard postal mail) continues to roll in for the Transformers Mixtape and for a few of the mixtapes that followed like the Iron Man Mixtape and Michael Jackson Mixtape.

The following article is taken from the pages of VIP Nightclub Magazine
Chronicling the Mixtape of The Year Award they bestowed upon My Transformers Mixtape CD

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape VIP nightclub Magazine 2008 Mixtape of The Year Award Article

"Our best of 2008 issue would not be complete without a "Best DJ" category and a "Best Mixtape" award category. For the past several years we here at VIP Nightclub magazine have listened to Thousands of mixtapes, gone to countless nightclubs and listened to thousands of DJs. We continue to find many great DJs out in the clubs, and on mixtapes. Some just blend in with all the others and some really stand out even amongst the other great DJs. As far as mixtapes go, there are thousands out there, many of them are horrible, there are some decent ones, some good ones, a few great ones and then there are the occasional gems, potential classics that are to be coveted and played in heavy rotation for years.

Often choosing a winner for awards like these can be difficult. Many candidates tend to be equally impressive and each DJ embodies unique qualities that elevate their performance from the other DJs. This year however we found One particular individual who both live in the club and on mixtape stood out above all the other DJs. That DJ was DJ Emir Santana and both his live mixing and his incredible mixtape The Transformers Mixtape stood out so much that both were quickly singled out as the absolute best of the best.

DJ Emir’s Transformers mixtape is so well put together and so extremely entertaining that one can listen to it over and over without ever tiring or needing to fast forward. With the insane mixing, scratches and remixes DJ Emir threw on this mixtape, the Transformers Mixtape has dominated the nightclub mixtape circuit. It decimated the inferior mixtapes that have flooded the market and over-saturated the mixtape markets with hosts of inferior products. In a world that has become much too complacent with mediocrity, DJ Emir has elevated our expectations and brought back hope to a dying breed of mixtapes. His Transformers Mixtape truly is a masterpiece of epic proportions. We have listened to it on a constant basis at home in the office and in our rides and yet it remains our all time favorite mixtape of the year. Thus we have crowned DJ Emir’s Transformers Mixtape with its most deserved title of VIP Night Club Magazine 2008 Mixtape of The Year. Available at" - VIP Nightclub Magazine Fall 2008

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