Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DJ Emir Mixtapes And Design Blog on Wordpress

I started a blog a long time ago on MSN, I guess they integrated with WordPress and released web blog control to Word Press so no I have a word press site and decided to re-design that blog and start posting a little more often again. You can check out the official DJ Emir WordPress Blog at

Between the two blogs and of course the main DJ Emir Website at I plan to make sure I keep my loyal mixtape fans appraised of new mixtape releases, out of state tour dates, special shows, Denver club nights, pictures, flyer designs and remix projects.

If anyone needs flyer designs, a hot DJ for an event or nightclub, or is in need of a website design call 303-995-0875 or email: "design @" (remove the spaces around the @ symbol)

While I have recently redesigned both of my blogs, I know my own DJ Emir website has been needing a major site overhaul for the better part of a year at this point. However, I'm currently busy designing and doing upkeep for a few other sites right now including and as well as preparing my taxes for the year, so my own website update will have to come at a later time.

Hunks The Show Website Design

Candiee Shop Lingerie Website Design

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Flyer Designs Are A Must For All Nightclubs and Promoters

Good Flyer Designs Are a Must for Nightclubs and Promoters

If you are running a nightclub or promoting for a nightclub or an event a strong, professional flyer design is always a must. There is no point handing out 5000 flyers if they are not professionally designed. Your results and your return on investment are much greater with a stunning and captivating flyer design than they are with a mediocre one. The same goes for Album cover designs and mixtape cover designs. It's a lot easier to sell a CD in the stores and on the streets when you have a high quality cover design. Just as it is much easier to get patrons to go to your rave, nightclub or event if you have a high quality flyer design.

Why price shouldn't be your deciding factor in Choosing a Flyer Designer

There are many reasons why price shouldn't be your deciding factor in choosing a designer to create your flyers. For one not all designs are of the same quality. Some require much more skill and time and are worth more as they will return you much greater dividends in the end. A bad design will cost you much more in the long run as you will experience lesser returns and have much smaller event turn outs than you would like. A good design will help bring in more revenue and be worth the extra investment in the long run.

Another reason you should just go with the best designer is that many times the cheaper ones fail to produce a satisfactory design within your time constraints. As a premium flyer design company many times we are called second, after another designer has already either missed the deadline on a design or simply has created something too hideous for the client to feel comfortable using. They then come to us asking "how quickly" can we  turn around a design and stating that "I don't feel like the other designer will ever produce anything worthy of printing" We usually knock out the design same or next day and the customers are always extremely happy with the final flyer design. So basically in the end by trying to go with the cheaper designers they end up paying both the cheaper designer $50-100 for a design they will never use before then also paying my company another $150 for the designs they are happy to use.

Quality Flyer Designs Reflect The Expected Quality of The Events They Are Promoting

The expected quality of your event should be reflected in the flyer design you use to promote the event. If you use anything less people will expect your event to also be of lesser quality and end up not going. Make sure your events get the full benefit of your promotional efforts by starting with the highest quality designs you can afford.

For High Quality Flyer Designs Call 303-995-0875 or email Design(at) 
(replace AT w @ symbol) for more nightclub flyer examples and to see some of our other past designs visit our flyer design services page at

Our Flyer design prices and Mixtape / album cover prices are $150 per design which covers a single flyer design or album cover design and includes up to two sides front & back. Printing is a separate charge and we have both pricing for small runs and large runs when it comes to flyer printing services.

Flyer Printing prices run:
$50 for 200 4"x6" Flyers plus $15 for 2 day shipping
$80 for 500 4'x6" Flyers plus $15 for 2 day shipping
$120 for 1000 4x6" Flyers plus $15 for 2 day shipping
$250 for 5000 4"x6" Flyers plus $50 for 1 day shipping via delta dash airline carrier shipping

$100 for 100 12x18 Posters plus $15 shipping (single side printing)

Note: these prices are in addition to the $150 design fee

Epic Fridays at Teddy's Nightclub w DJ Emir Flyer Design Denver Colorado
Epic Fridays at Teddy's Nightclub 4849 Bannock St. W DJ Emir 

St Patrick's Day Green and White Party Flyer Design For Nome Alaska

Lishq Bollywood Flyer Design For Melbourne Australia