Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leo Cancer Birthday Party Flyer Design

Flyer Design for Leo & Cancer Birthday Party In California

Amazing flyer design for Gil & Marcy's annual Cancer / Leo Birthday Soiree at Ciao Bella Restaurant

Leo & Cancer Zodiac Birthday Party Flyer Design
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Palomino Nightclub Logo Design

Get Amazing Logo Designs Like This Logo Design for Palomino Nightclub California

All our amazing logo designs start with a set of preliminary concept designs based off of your original specifications. Once you chose one of the designs we will refine and modify the design according to your instructions until we have an amazing logo design finalized for you to use. We design the Logos in either large scale Photoshop 48" tall or we design it as a vector artwork logo design.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Batman Tells Superman The Man of Steel to Stay Out of Gotham

Batman & Superman to team up soon

Batman Tells Superman the Man of Steel to stay out of Gotham, for Gotham's sake LOL

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Vote for DJ Emir on Denver A-List

Voting has begun on Denver's A-List make sure to head towards and vote for DJ Emir in the Best Wedding DJ Category.

Vote for DJ Emir on Denver's A List

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Need Votes for Denver DJ of The Year From My Loyal Fans

Need Votes for Denver DJ of The Year From My Loyal Fans
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Martial Arts Legend Jim Kelly of Enter the Dragon Dies at Age 67

When It Came... He Didn't Even Notice... He Was Too Busy Looking Good

Sad news this morning as we discover that Jim Kelly The Soul Brother from Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon and Star of The Black Dragon died today at age 67. Cause of death has yet to be determined but he will be missed. The actor was one of the earliest Black Martial artists to gain recognition on the big screen and was a prominent featured character in Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon" which is still hailed as one of the best martial arts films of all time.

Jim Kelly Martial Artist Character Portrait from Enter The Dragon
Jim Kelly Martial Artist Character Portrait from Enter The Dragon

My personal favorite line from the movie comes from the scene with Jim Kelly fighting Mr. Han. when Han tells Jim "It is the combat that you love" Jim replies "The winning" 

Han replies... "It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for" to which Jim replies "I don't waste my time with it, when it comes, I won't even notice... I'll be too busy looking good!" 

Rest in peace Jim Kelly