Monday, October 22, 2012

Bollywood Bhangra Halloween Party at Axis Nightclub

Simply Halloween Bollywood Bhangra Halloween Ball

Friday October 26th 2012 Celebrate Halloween Bollywood Style at Janta Connection's Simply Mumbai Halloween Party... at Their Annual Simply Halloween Bollywood Bhangra Halloween Ball at AXIS Nightclub 2909 Lakeside Drive Santa Clara California 95054

Get Advanced Tickets at: 

Featuring 2 rooms:
Bhangra Room with DJ Tanveer & Dhol Player Kidd Prodigy
and Bollywood Room with DJ Aalok & DJ Karry

For VIP call 408-569-2417 or email: simplymumbaiparty @ 

for amazing flyer designs like these call 303-995-0875 or email

Simply Mumbai Bollywood Bhangra Halloween Party Flyer Design Copyright September 23rd 2012

Simply Mumbai Bollywood Bhangra Halloween Party Flyer Design Copyright September 23rd 2012

This flyer was later illegally copied for another party by a scandalous and ghetto promoter whose email address is . Which is leading me to: 

1. Slowly take down almost all my flyer designs that were posted in large 600x900 pixel sizes and re post them as much smaller versions to help avoid this problem in the near future as I prepare to take the perpetrators to court for copyright violation.

2. Start taking various designers and promotion companies to court for various infractions.

As of this writing this is be the 7th time I run into this issue of copy cat designs that usually look 100 times worse than my original design. I've put Two people out of business with major damages after original cease and desist demands weren't met. Another Two suffered minor damages of $500-700 The other Three were innocent bystanders that simply hired the wrong designers. Designers that had no talent and ended up just painting over parts of my flyer or adding large blocks of color over certain parts before adding their own horrible looking text over my much more elegant typography. The later Three took down the flyers without too much argument and were very understanding. They have since become loyal customers after seeing the higher quality of the original designs their designers had stolen from.

If people want copies of previously done designs they should pay the original designer for them. So long as the parties are at different times and different cities I don't mind changing information for you and changing out a few pictures to make a flyer that matches your party but has a similar look and feel to a design you already know you like from my past design collection. But when you steal the design off my websites and ghetto rig the flyer with bad typography and poor photoshop and make a masterpiece flyer into something less than desirable you are only hurting yourself. In addition you open yourself to me finding out and coming after you for design copyright infringement. It could also be an issue where they've hired less qualified designers that are too lazy to create their own designs. Either way once a person has been issued a cease and desist warning, they should take the flyer down without much argument if not they are willingly continuing the violation which can lead to court cases and huge losses for infringement and for damages resulting from that infringement. Sometimes the club owners and promoters are actually at fault. I've had people ask me if I could just change some text on another designer's flyer. The reality is to do it right you have to literaly recreate the flyer from scratch anyway and in the process using different images you will still come up with something that looks unique and has a flavor of it's own while still providing a similar feel to it. The flyer I created was very different and much better in the end then one they wanted me to COPY... while the layout was similar the professional quality and effects of the images and the attention to detail I provided really made my flyer design stand out more than the one they sent me to look at. 

I've thrown a picture below of the final version of the design which came out really elegant. This is also one of the first flyers I started posting in my new advertising front and back of each design format which allows me to slightly protect my much stronger designs by placing them in a much smaller size while sill providing a good overall look of and feel for the entire flyer design front & back. 

As of this writing it would appear as though the designer that stole my concept and flyer design has been instructed to replace the portion that he copied from my design with something similar. I'm glad cause I hate being a total prick and having to take people to court and I had already consulted with my lawyer about the issue. My guess is the designer did research and found my design was a perfect fit... or so he thought as did the sisters in Cinderella as they tried to cram their huge grotesque feet into a tiny elegant shoe.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Party

Halloween Party at Pisco Sour

Saturday October 27th Grand Opening Party and Halloween Party at Pisco Sour
8501 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO.

w. DJ Emir Santana

Flyer design by

Halloween party flyer design
The Secret Halloween Party Flyer

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Gangnam Style - Baby Only Eats to Psy Gangnam Video

Baby Gangnam Style! Baby Benjamin is a fussy eater and will only eat while watching Psy Gangnam Style Video

Baby Benjamin only stops fussing while watching Gangnam Style, I guess at his house it's pronounced YUMMY NUM NUMs Style LOL -

Parenting can be difficult at times. Lets just hope your baby is never this fussy when you are raising your children . LOL.

Gangnam Style

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants Windows Tor Roll Down On Airplanes

On Monday, Mitt Romney offered a remedy to the problem that caused his wife’s airplane to land prematurely last week: Allow passengers to roll down the airplane windows. On that note I totally envision Chris on Family Guy saying Whuuuuuuuuuut!?!

Ann Romney’s plane was grounded Friday after the main cabin filled with smoke. The small electrical fire caused no injuries, but apparently did cause the Presidential candidate to forget the dangers of altitude. “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly,” he told the LA Times. “And you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.”

Well Romney, just in case you forgot sir... Air crafts do not open windows because the cabins are pressurized to fly safely at extreme altitude. Opening a window in an airplane at that high of an altitude would seriously sicken the passengers and crew and make the plane very difficult to fly. The sudden loss of pressure also adds strain to the plane possibly tearing it apart causing it to crash.

Plane Crash from LOST