Friday, January 7, 2011

Flyer Designs for Atlanta 4Play Fridays

Just finished two hot flyer designs for Atlanta's 4 Play Fridays, One of Atlanta's biggest Friday night parties.

The first flyer is a special Delta Sorority & Fraternity Egyptian Nights Edition of 4Play Fridays. I'm quite fond of the Egyptian Nights Nightclub Flyer Design as the research I did paid off when I found the picture of the pyramids a cool looking Eye of Ra followed by a text of Heiroglyphs and a rendition of Cleopatra that fit perfectly with the flyer design and helped tie all the images together making it more of a nightclub flyer and less of a museum flyer design.

The Other Design is a welcome to 2011 Special Edition Flyer design for 4Play Fridays. to start your flyer design project and possibly be featured here call 303-995-0875 or visit

Flyer Design for Egyptian Nights a Special Edition of 4Play Fridays Atlanta

Flyer Design for 4Play Fridays Atlanta

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