Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Haters Make Me Famous


Never let the Haters get to you no matter what they say! Just remember that Haters are part of a complex system that help make people even more famous. It doesn't matter whether the hate is warranted or not, whether the person being hated on actually has skill or not. The more people talk about them, be it positive or negative, the more popular they are bound to become. It's also important to note that in order for a comment to affect someone, or rather "hurt their feelings" they have to first respect the opinion of the person that made the comment in the first place. It also helps if the person making statements can actually form coherent sentences and use some semi decent grammar and punctuation, otherwise anything they try and post on the internet can be easily dismissed as uneducated dribble.

I'm OK with my own personal set of Haters! Most of them actually help me, First by trying to state things that aren't true as facts on forums, blogs, Tweets and Facebook  posts and Second for sending people in my direction as they try and verify my Haters' so called facts and insinuations. Haters make people famous by putting so much emphasis on the object of their hatred that people are naturally drawn to find out more.

For instance, now that Paris Hilton has decided to ADD DJ to her resumé a billion DJs have immediately started posting sentiments of hatred towards her lack of skills. Lets face it she is not currently a REAL DJ. Still she is more than likely to get paid tons more money than most skilled DJs simply because of her already pre-existing fame and the crowd draw that comes with it, plus the curiosity draw of you guessed it HATERS! The same can be said for Pauly D, though one can argue that at least he has some form of actual skill, even if it still needs a ton of development. It is possible that Pars Hilton and DJ Pauly D can both eventually become good DJs so long as they both take the time to practice. Pauly D having locked down a residency at the Palms Hotel and Casino will be able to gradually increase his skill and ability by the default action of consistently playing gigs which basically means he will be practicing more and more while in front of a crowd. He also seems to have a drive to improve so I expect him to do so faster than Paris. The same goes for DJ Baby Chino, he's getting booked and paid more than DJs that have tons more skills than he does simply because of the gimmick / draw factor of his young age, still the more haters hate, the more famous these people get. Truth be told Baby Chino will continue to improve , Pauly D will continue to improve and already having the fame, so long as their skills increase fast enough to offset their deteriorating fame, they should be able to continue making a living off of their later found skill. It's like a martial artist when young they concentrate on speed, quick reflexes and strength to beat their opponents, later in life they better have developed skill, cunning and deception or they will soon falter to a younger, faster, stronger opponent.

Haters you can keep hating and talk about some old post or something dumb I may have or not have said, some mix I may have messed up in 1992 when I was first starting out as a DJ or some other DJ Emir that you think is me. But when you send people my way, I am going to make sure they form their own positive opinion of me and do what I do best... create new fans from your hatred and my skill. So to all my HATERS... THANK YOU... for making me famous! - DJ Emir Santana 

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