Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best DJ For My Budget

In a tough economy everyone is looking for the best deal possible. The problem is, most people only look at price as the deciding factor only to regret that decision later. Even in tough economic times it is overall value that is the most important factor. This is especially true when  finding entertainment for your venue, wedding or event. The value provided for the price you pay is the most important thing to look at when shopping for a good DJ or entertainer.

The question you ask yourself should not be "Who is the cheapest DJ I can find?" it should be "Who is the best DJ I can afford, that will make my party a huge success and give me the most bang for my dollar?" This is especially true if the event is an annually reoccurring event like a company picnic, Christmas party, End of year party or corporate party where you want to increase attendance every year. It is also very important for Milestone parties like weddings, Quinceneras, School Proms, Sweet Sixteens Graduation parties and Family Reunions where you would want to create great memories that will last a lifetime.

It's important to understand that the DJ isn't just "the guy playing music at your event" The DJ is responsible for the overall energy, vibe and mood of your event. A Good DJ will keep your guests happy and excited throughout the event. At private events many times the DJ company you hire is also responsible for the audio and lighting for your event. Sound quality and overall lighting then also become important factors in the look, energy and sound of your event.

A quality sound system and lighting system costs more so the DJ / Sound and Lighting company would most likely charge you a little more for this higher quality sound and lighting. The same thing goes for the experience level, and expertise of the DJ, the better the DJ the more they may charge. At some point, to stay competitive with other DJ companies, the DJ will level off the price even though their experience professionalism and expertise would naturally have them costing much more. This is where you get the best value for your money, when you get a DJ, Sound & Lighting company that is worth much more than they are charging for their services. 

At www.djemir.com we provide great value for all our costumers. With great sound, various lighting options including uplighting and wash lighting packages and amazing DJs for your events we provide a great experience at an affordable price. We can do just about anything you want, wash the walls with any color light you choose, uplight certain areas of your event space add your initials or logo to a lighting gobo etc...

Give us a call at 303-995-0875 or email: design[at]djemir.com to schedule a free consultation or to schedule your event. Signed contract and half down deposit required to finalize all event bookings.

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  1. My nephew is getting married at one of New York wedding venues and wants to hire best DJ services for the party. Will check on internet for a good service. Hope will find a great service for the day that will make the party best.