Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amazing Flyer Designs That Make You More Money

It's extremely important to make certain the fliers you hand out are eye catching and inspiring. You need to make sure you are dealing with amazing flyer designs so your time distributing the fliers is time well spent and will bring in a profitable return of your invested time and money.

There is a saying from Puerto Rico my sister used to constantly have to say to my brother in law, "Ser Barato Costa Mas" literally translated "being cheap will cost you more." In English a similar saying is "You get What You Paid For" Finding a good price on a great product is one thing, being cheap is a whole different story and often leads to a person spending even twice as much as the highest amount by needing to re-buy a product again or buy a more expensive version of the same item in the long run. The more often I bump into overly frugal people the more I see this ring true.

Whenever a person decides to try and "save money" by choosing a product or service on price alone, or by attempting to create or repair something they should pay a skilled laborer to do, it almost always ends in heartache and headaches as replacements, lost revenue or upgrades are soon to follow.

It's no different for the flyer design industry, nightclubs or the DJ Industry. You Usually get what you pay for. With flyer designs often what you are paying more for, is the ability to have more money return on your investment. Sure there are varying rates for design services, but the good ones will make you more money in return. While a good design may occasionally cost 3X as much as a bad one it will often yield 10-20x more revenue than the bad one ever will. Good flyer designs, banners, advertisement designs and brochure designs are an essential part of any profitable business. Don't get caught up in trying to find the least expensive designer, instead focus on which designer will make you the most money by attracting the attention and customers you want and need.

Extreme Flyer Designs by  
My own design department offers amazing flyer designs at a reasonable price. Most of our designs are only $150 per flyer design. This includes a reasonable amount of revision work if necessary. You can see our online portfolio of work and make payments for designs at Email us to get your design started today, (email address is listed in the pictures above and below) or you can call us to get your design started at 303-995-0875

Amazing Flyer Designs by

Friday Night Swag Flyer Design Tacoma Washington. Design by

Friday Night Swag Flyer Design Tacoma Washington. Design by 

Jeremih Concert Flyer Design by 

Jeremih Denver Concert Flyer Design by   
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  1. You do great work! I love your flyer designs they look amazing.

  2. The flyer designs are really eye catching and clean. I think I found my next flyer designer! Thanks.

  3. Great collection of some inspiring flyer designs!These are such a great examples of great work and quite inspiring..Thumbs up!!!

  4. You have a great eye for detail and create stunning flyer designs. They are all very dynamic and beautiful! I've seen many fliers on the web but yours really stand out and speak to me.