Sunday, October 23, 2016

Monitor Not Working right with Nvidea 770 Graphics Card Windows 10

Lately I've been having a huge issue with my monitor taking forever to turn on at computer boot up or again if it goes to sleep. It takes anywhere from 5 minutes all the way up to a half hour when it used to boot up and start the monitor as well in just 30 seconds to a minute tops.

I am running an intel i7-4790k @ 4.00ghz with 32GB of RAM, A Samsung EVO Pro 850 Solid State Drive as the main system hard drive and 2 HGST 7200 rpm NAS 6TB hard Drives for storage and have an ASUS-2 Nvidea 770 graphics card and am not sure if this is an issue with Windows trying to instal drivers automatically or some kind of update recently as this started about 2 weeks ago and gets more and more frustrating as time goes on. I alsoo am using a second solid state drive as a scratch disk. The system should be running fast and The Samsung Magician Software says the drive is good so it probably isn't the drive going bad.

It is a hard thing to pin point as I am not sure if my Dell S2209W monitor is dying, my computer or one of the hard drives is going out , if my graphics card is dying or if it's just an issue with windows.

I hear windows has been wreaking havoc by automatically downloading drivers and forcing updates all the time now as their new update policy has kicked in and I hear there are issues with others that have dual monitor set ups with Nvidea so I'm wondering if I am experiencing the same thing or if it is just timne for a new monitor. Anyone else having the same issues?

UPDATE: looks like the monitor finally died. Had to go to Microcenter and pick up a new upgrade. I now have a 28" HD 4K monitor to work on. It starts up immediately as it should and looks clear.


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