Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Perfect Denver Wedding DJ for an Exciting Wedding Party

If you want people dancing well into the night DJ Emir Santana is your best bet to a successful event. Professional, dependable and most importantly, fun, and highly entertaining, Emir is a musical entertainment professional with years of experience making sure the party doesn't stop until you want it to. DJ Emir knows how to get the party started while keeping your reception on time and on track so you don;t have to worry about anything but having fun at your event.

DJ Emir is one of Denver's top DJs always in high demand. His professional DJ service offers high quality sound and light packages and award winning mixes that are sure to wow the crowd and keep the dance floor packed.

With an amazing library of searchable songs and personal remixes that span several decades and genres there is something to make everyone dance from young to old, bridging the huge age gaps that weddings and corporate parties can sometimes have.

In addition to DJ services DJ Emir can also offer professional Wedding Photography services and Wedding invitation design services as well. The Picture below was captured with our Professional Nikon Camera and second photographer.

Book Denver's best DJ service today! Give DJ Emir a call at 303-995-0875 or email

Professional Denver DJ Service With Style: DJ Emir Santana Brings Fun and Professionalism to Every Wedding & Event
DJ Emir is also available outside the Denver area for all sorts of events and nightclubs. A Travel / airline fee and hotel fee will be added to all events requiring travel outside of Colorado. DJ Emir has performed DJ services in New York, New Jersey, Alaska, California, Arizona, Las Vegas and more, so don't hesitate to ask if you need him in your town as well.

Professional Denver Wedding DJ Services

You can also visit www.djemir.com/weddingdj.html for more info if needed. Or call us for a meet and greet at 303-995-0875 and schedule your wedding party to become one of the many successful and fun wedding events we perform each year.


  1. Friends I am share with you some thing hope you like. If the DJ booth is visible to the crowd, you are performing whether you like it or not. Visibly acting like you are enjoying/engaged with what youare doing goes a long way. Energy is contagious. Always be prepared. Even if the spot claims to guarantee turntables, CDJs, controllers, slip mats, needles, and or built in interfaces… BRING YOUR OWN! You don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised at the venue. Also – always bring a line in cable. If everything is just plain wrong at the gig but you still have to play something… that line in will plug to your laptop, ipod or phone. That will be your gig saver.
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  2. A Backup CDJ or CD player with a few of my mixtapes also goes a long way. I've saved a few weddings I happened to be attending from the poor choices of DJ or rather Karaoke DJs they chose by just handing them one of my mixtapes for them to play. The brides and grooms thanked me and were glad I was there, they were friends of my new girlfriend at the time and were sad that they met me too late after they had already set up their DJs but were happy that my mixtape CD saved the day. So if things go down I can always pop in one of my mixtapes for 5-15 minutes while I fix everything so no one will never miss a beat. :) - www.DJEMIR.com DJ Services and Mixtapes Denver, CO.

  3. Emir made my wedding an experience I will always treasure. His song selection and mixes kept all my friends and family happy the whole night. I got so many compliments about his mixes and everyone kept telling me how much fun they had at my wedding. Thank you so much DJ Emir you made my day extra special and memorable. - Brandon and Maribel Lopez

  4. I've never seen a DJ work so hard in my life. Emir is the real deal, he is not sitting there just pressing buttons, he is there constantly mixing scratching and entertaining the crowd from start to finish. Even the dinner music, while a little more jazzy, had a few little nuances that made even that portion more exciting. Thank you so so much!