Friday, September 21, 2012

New Michael Jackson Documentary by Legendary Director Spike Lee

Michael Jackson, The Man in the Mirror will join us for a Thanksgiving Day turduken!! Twenty-five years after Michael Jackson recorded Bad, fans will finally learn the get the whole truth behind the legendary album. Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee directed Bad25, an upcoming documentary chronicling the record-breaking album and the complex artist behind it. So after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade join ABC for new insights into Michael Jackson's life and music.

Spike Lee to Direct Michael Jackson Documentary

In a statement, Spike Lee admitted: “This will be a very special Thanksgiving for all families to enjoy the genius of Michael Jackson. Big thanks to ABC for allowing people to witness the making of Michael Jackson’s Bad album.”

MJ's Estate apparently has great faith in Spike Lee because they granted him unprecedented access to previously unreleased interviews, documents, and even footage shot by the King of Pop himself! The film was purchased on Tuesday by network giant ABC. I find it quite appropriate that the film was purchased by ABC considering Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 Had a huge hit by the same name "ABC" It will be exciting to see just how one of America's edgiest movie directors will handle the controversial subject of Michael Jackson's life and legacy on network television!!

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