Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Extreme Flyer Designs For Success

To achieve success in a fast paced world it takes extreme efforts to achieve amazing results. But effort alone will not suffice, that effort has to be precise and accurate to deliver profitable gains. Handing out fliers at events, nightclubs, on the streets and posting events on the web takes time and effort. That effort is best spent when the flyer design is of equal or higher caliber to the efforts put out distributing the fliers.

The Extreme Flyer Designs of www.djemir.com deliver high quality and high impact designs that immediately command attention. Our amazing flyer designs stand out from the competition and are worthy of mass distribution, returning higher yields than most other flyer designs.
Extreme Flyer Designs: Exotica Thirsty Thursdays Flyer Design by www.djemir.com/designs.html
To Get Your Flyer Design started today call 303-995-0875 visit www.djemir.com/designs.html 
Or Email:
Extreme Flyer Designs: Alien Invasion Black Light Party Flyer design LA
Extreme Flyer Designs: Glamour on The Rocks Bollywood Flyer Design San Francisco CA
Extreme Flyer Designs: Girls Gone Wild Thursdays Flyer Design by www.djemir.com/designs.html
Our high quality flyer designs are extremely affordable at just $150 per design Front and Back (prices subject to change, check our website for latest prices) and includes revisions within the price. Most Designs are turned around within 1-3 Business days. If you have an emergency rush design job you can pay a rush fee of $50 ($200 total for the design with rush priority) which will put your design ahead of all other non rush designs and also give you priority on your revisions as well. Usually Rush jobs can be done same day to next day with revisions also running same to next day. We also have expedited flyer printing and shipping capabilities if you require fast printing.

NOTE: All Designs MUST Be paid for in advance. Design process starts after payment.
Payments can be made via Paypal using the payment buttons at www.djemir.com/designs.html
or by western union to EMIR SANTANA, Englewood CO. 80111 


  1. Your flyer designs are extraordinairy! I like the ones on your website as well, your designs are far above almost anything else I've seen out there. I have a design I need taken care of next month I'll be giving you a call for sure!

  2. I'm impressed by the amount of detail in your flyer designs. Good work!

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