Monday, November 21, 2011

New Flyer Designs To Start The New Year

New Years Flyer Designs Set Off The Summer of 2012 in Australia

The beginning of the year starts off strong with an Australian Summer New Years Red Carpet Affair and Soccer Tournament. It's hard for us in the United States to picture New Years Eve as a part of summer, but for Australia and other parts of the world that are below the equator line our winter is their summer. So when you see the words "NEW YEARS" and "Hottest Summer Dance Party" together on one flyer and are wondering how that can be, it is because it is Australia's Summer time we are talking about.

Below are Two flyer designs done for Westside Entertainment Union, One design is for their Soccer Tournament that takes place at 10AM on New Years Day, January 1st 2012. The second flyer is a design for the Red Carpet New Years After Party / Soccer Tournament After Party.

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New Years Eve After Party Flyer Design (Australian Summer Party Flyer Front)

New Years Eve After Party Flyer Design (Australian Summer Party Flyer Back)

New Years Day Soccer Tournament Flyer Design

Soccer Tournament Flyer Design Australia

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