Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Flyer Design

Flyer design for Zohar's A.K.A. Captain Z's Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Canada. Produced by HeliHeebs Productions:  A get together for Pilots of Helicopters and Private Jets.

With the flyer being designed for a group of pilots and of course it having a Jamaican theme they wanted a good looking girl and a helicopter or private jet as all tied together with a Jamaican Island theme. I threw in a set of palm trees (that were actually pink in the original photo) the  added a splash of the Rastafarian colors using a rainbow background I used in another reggae flyer before. I made sure to blend the background with the palm trees using several layers with different settings as well as some color overlays with transparency masks. I Added the Girl wearing her Jamaican flag bathing suit and tried a few helicopters before finding a luxury helicopter that would work well with the image.

The hardest part was trying to find palm trees that looked like they were far enough in the distance to put the helicopter between them and the girl and still have it look convincing while also filling in enough of the background. This was a fun flyer design. And for this design I decided to create the front and the back of the flyer as one single smooth long flyer because of the nature of the design. Zohar the birthday boy was very pleased with the final outcome of the flyer as was I.

Jammin Jamaican Birthday Party Flyer design Canada
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  1. Spectacular flyer design mate!

  2. Wow the colors are so vibrant and eye catching. This flyer design really does it for me.